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Why is your stuff so expensive?

Because I use high quality materials and everything is made by me by hand.

Can you sew me exactly this garment shown in this picture?

I could, but I won’t do it. Because I will never disrespect the art of an other Artist by copying it. They put a lot of effort in it to create it in the first place. So please rethink your question. Would you like it if someone copied or stole your ideas? Remember that these guys and gals need to buy food like we do!

This item is sold out. Could you please make an other one just for me?

Sorry I can’t. Pieces that are described as „one of a kind“ are „one of a kind“. Sometimes I just buy few meters of fabric to only produce one special jacket, trousers, …

Can you sew me a jacket/trousers/… according to my preferences?

Yes I can. Please send me your ideas, your measurements with help of this premade PDF ([ddownload id=”1112″ style=”link”] – [ddownload_size id=”1112″]) via email and I gonna reply as soon as I can with a sketch of your future garment.

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Which payment methods do you offer?

I offer PayPal and advance payment via Bank Transfer.

I haven’t received my order yet! Where is it?

Please contact me via email or through the contact form and tell me the number of your order so I can trace the problem.

The item doesn’t fit me. I want to change it for an other one. What should I do?

Please check the information provided on the revocation site. If this does not help you, please contact me via mail.

I found a malfunction and I’d like to report it.

Please send a mail to our technical support.

I have a blog and I’d like to write about you.

Really? Go ahead! Thank you so much! Please forward the link of your entry to us.