Crime Nine Clothing

About Crime Nine

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Simply stated: Crime Nine is an one girl business which tries to create stunning and extravagant attire.[/symple_box]

This Lable started as the Master Thesis of the megalomaniacal Pauline Schlesier, in whom she’s going to create clothes for strong independent womens.

In her opinion a women is claimed to be strong and independent when she doesn’t need somebody else as  a reason to excist and who actually has real dreams for her own life. Dreams that emerged out of own personal preferences not out of something media taught or society calls for to pursue during their ongoing time on earth.

It’s for the womans who are modern day warriors.

In the opinion of Pauline it is way harder for womens to be themselves now a days. Society still teaches every girl from a very young age that you have to be just pretty to be accepted and successfull and an individual character isn’t important. This hasn’t changed in the last decades and it will never. What has changed is the awareness of some womans toward this misstated ideal of “beauty”. And with knowing of the mistake they try to remove it but fail misserably everytime because there are still some who are following the rules made by society and media.

Of course it is way easier to pursue a prescriped way of live but in the end you have to accept yourself and be comfortable in the way you actually are and not that what society wants you to be like. You can only be a strong and proud, when you accept yourself with every little mistake you may have and when you do what you really want to do.

Pauline imagines Crime Nine as a her personal tutelary goddes who helps herself stay self-confident to do what ever she wants. Crime Nine is also her bastion of calm, personal warrior and best friend who gives her the reason to get out of bed in the morning, the power to get through tough days and who smashes figuratively all those who doubted that she would be able to create clothes and built an own clothing lable.

Crime Nine wants to share and be social.

With every sold item Pauline wants to share a little part of that goddes. May it provide strenght, self-confidence and patience to all of her customers in every situation. Every customer is supposed to feel undestroyable and special by wearing a Crime Nine item.

Despite of the fact, that all of this project seems quite self-confident, Pauline wasn’t always as selfconfident as she is now and she was always extremely afraid of the unfamiliar. But with CN she confronts and fights her fears and crazy idiosyncrasies like not standing to hear her own voice. So she started to make Youtube videos about the development of Crime Nine.

By wanting Crime Nine to become strong and big she pushes herself into unknown and fright giving waters to summon a wild, partly brutal appearing, direct but always protecting heroine of the modern days or warrioress everyday life: the imaginary goddes behind Crime Nine!

Everything is sewn or printed by hand in Germany.